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Dr Portuese and OR Surgical Nurse Pam
Is it possible to repair a crooked nose tip?
Certainly, tip plasty or nasal tip surgery is an option to straighten and improve the nasal tip. Occasionally, further cartilage grafting is required, and osteotomies are done when and if the nasal bones are crooked.

Should I expect a natural-looking nose if I have rhinoplasty?
It is still possible to have a natural look after rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty will not make you appear like a different individual. Digital imaging is common to show what the model would be of a new nose. It is possible to make the changes made subtle and not dramatic.

When is it necessary to pack the nose after rhinoplasty and septoplasty?
For more than 20 years packing of the nose has been out of style. An unexpected nosebleed is the only reason to pack the nose when other methods will not stop the bleeding. Stuffing the nose is extremely painful, and stronger pain medications will then be required if packing is used. Additionally, antibiotics should be prescribed if packing is placed to avoid toxic shock syndrome. Packing a nose after a septoplasty or a rhinoplasty is not necessary.

Dr Portuese and the office manager Janet review computer imaging results with a patient
Does repair of the nose tip narrow the nostril flare?
It is possible to reduce the bulbousness part of the tip by taking away a portion of the nasal tip and stitching the rest of the tip cartilages together to refine the nose. It is possible to do a nasoplasty to narrow the nostrils. Making the tip smaller will not decrease the nostril width.

Is there a waiting period for nasal surgery after braces are placed?
The two surgeries will not affect each other, thus it is acceptable to have nasal surgery one week after braces are put on.

Is it best to have nasal surgery and eyelid surgery medial epicanthal correction done at the same time?
Having both nasal surgery and the eyelids done at one time is acceptable and there should be no anticipated complications linking the two. Likely, it is better to have the surgeries done simultaneously to save on the anesthesia fee and the complete the recuperation phase one time.

Do surgeons recommend rhinoplasty for a sebaceous nose?
Sebaceous oily skin is not treated with nasal surgery. Nasal surgery is intended for sculpting the cartilage and the bone of the nose, it is not skin surgery. Nasal surgery requires that he skin itself is lifted up, the bone and cartilage are sculpted to the correct anatomical shape, and the skin is put back. If you have been diagnosed with rhinophyma, the thickness can be condensed in size with dermabrasion.